Semi-custom, modular units reach rooftop destination through windows


Shelburne Murray Hill Hotel


Manhattan, NY


MLR Series Semi-Custom Modular AHUs

Mainstream overcame considerable site difficulties in replacing a rooftop unit to serve the hotel lobby. Closing the street to set up a crane was not an option, leaving existing windows as the only access to the roof. Additionally, the unit installation site was in close proximity to the window of a neighbor, so low sound was extremely important. The space allowed for the unit was extremely short in direction of airflow.

Mainstream fabricated an MLR Series AHU with dual-blower, forward-curved supply and return fans, direct-expansion cooling coil and a chilled water coil for free-cooling during off-peak times. Only one of the unit modules needed to be disassembled to fit in to the space; all others were rigged directly in.
Shelbourne Murray Hill Hotel
Shelburne Murray Hill Hotel
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