Custom AHU unit modules designed to fit within 24'' door opening


Bromley Condominiums


Manhattan, NY


Fully Custom Indoor Air Handling Unit

These condominiums were built above an existing movie theater (the condos bought the air rights over the theater). There is approximately 8 feet of space between the roof of the movie theater and the bottom of the structure of the condominiums. A unit was needed to serve the main corridors of the condominiums, and needed to be installed under the condominiums, but could not be mounted on the roof of the movie theater, since they did not own that property. There were only very small elevators available, and the width of the elevator doorway was only approximately 24”.

The custom air handling unit was supplied in modules to fit in the existing elevators, utilizing plenum-type fans due to the limited space. A steel structure was suspended from the condominium structure, which the air handling unit was installed on.
Completed custom rooftop units arrive on site after a 6-week production cycle.
The Bromley, – Manhattan, NY
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