Fan arrays… simplified.The Mainstream Quad-Fan.

Quad-Fan Arrays For Upgraded Air Flow Performance

Mainstream Quad-Fan flexible, multi-fan modules simplify upgrades to air handling unit performance. A maximum of four fans meets air flow requirements with reduced maintenance and full redundancy in case of fan or variable-frequency drive (VFD) failure. In fact, the Mainstream Quad-Fan system offers you the lowest maintenance requirements and highest uptime of any fan arrangement.

Large Quad-Fan “cubes” provide in better air flow characteristics than typical plenum fan arrangements. Our broad range of wheel sizes allows fans to be run at standard motor RPM, eliminating the need for multiple variable-frequency drives (VFDs) and complicated controllers. The four fans provide full air flow when the single VFD is in bypass mode. You benefit from better performance, energy savings and quieter operation.

Most Quad-Fan applications utilize components that will fit through any standard doorway. Alternatively, modules can be furnished in two sections to fit through smaller doorways. Plus, modular or knockdown design make these units ideal for retrofit and replacement applications where access and space are limited to tight stairwells, elevators or window openings.
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