CTM Series Fully Custom Air Handling Units

Manufactured in the USA by Mainstream

Mainstream’s CTM custom air handling units adapt well to duties requiring ultimate design flexibility, such as pharmaceutical, research laboratory, and healthcare facilities. Specialized options include integral desiccant wheels, runaround heat recovery coils, heat pipe coils and air-to-air heat exchangers.

Optional knock-down design makes CTM custom air handling units perfect for retrofit situations where access is limited and knock-down construction is required.

Quality and reliability are no better than the component subsystems, and here we exceed your requirements with the best in fans, control dampers, coils, humidifiers and heat recovery systems. We commonly mount customer-supplied controls according to specific customer requirements.
CTM custom air handling units
The assembled AHU is encased in a no-through-metal thermal break for energy savings and absolutely minimal condensation.


  • Ultra-low leakage construction
  • Optional powder-coat finish
  • High-density, polyurethane foam injected insulation, up to R-26
  • Complete, no-through-metal thermal break construction
  • Access doors with roller-cam latch mechanisms


  • Easy retrofitting into constricted footprints without compromising air leakage rating
  • Extended lifetime of the unit casing, even in adverse environments
  • Resists the formation of condensation even in extreme temperature and humidity differentials
  • Airtight sealing ensures extremely low leakage rating

Custom Components And Options

Custom Fan Assembly


  • Belt-Drive or Direct-Drive Plenum
  • Centrifugal DWDI Scroll Housing
  • Dual or multiple fan configurations
  • Protective screens and OSHA belt guards
  • Extended lubrication lines
  • Isolation bases w/seismic restraint
  • Premium efficiency ODP, TEFC, or XP motors
  • Factory mounted and wired VFD’s
Control Dampers

Control Dampers

  • DWDI Centrifugal, SWSI Plenum, Vaneaxial
  • Ultra-low leakage, aluminum airfoil blade dampers
  • Electric or pneumatic actuators, factory or field installed
  • Outside air hoods with integral moisture eliminators
  • Air flow measuring devices
  • Multi-zone discharge configurations


  • Pleated panel pre-filters
  • Pocket or cartridge type hi-efficiency filters
  • HEPA filters with gel-seal frames
  • Galvanized, stainless steel and aluminum frames
  • Optional stainless steel frames
  • Dial or digital type filter gauges
Custom Coils


  • Water, steam and direct-expansion coils
  • Optional coatings for corrosion protection
  • Stainless steel, triple-sloped drain pan under cooling coils
  • Stacked coils mounted on racks to allow individual removal


  • Stainless steel multiple-tube dispersion
  • Optional short-absorption distance design
Heat Recovery Unit

Heat Recovery

  • Heat pipe coils
  • Runaround coils
  • Air-to-air plate heat exchanger
  • Enthalpy wheels
  • Bypass dampers
Specialized Controls


  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Disconnect Switches and Enclosures
  • Sensors
  • Single-point power connection
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